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Taxilla UPSC Online preparation

Best and affordable UPSC programs facility in India

Taxilla provides India's best UPSC online coaching facility and integrated learning program that caters to all stages of the UPSC entrance test, i.e. Prelims, Mains, & Interviews. Our team of highly experienced educators specialises in subjects like history, geography, politics, and economics.

At Taxilla, our goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the Civil Service Exam. Our live and affordable online coaching program ensures that you gain the expertise needed to confidently complete and utilise your preparation efforts in the examination.

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Our major programs aspirants can enroll into

UPSC Political Science and International Relations

Our UPSC Political Science and International Relations program is specifically designed for candidates who have chosen Political Science and International Relations as their optional subject for the UPSC Mains examination. Our program provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, in-depth analysis of key concepts, and extensive practice through mock tests and answer-writing sessions.

UPSC Mains Optional Papers – Sociology

Sociology: For those who have opted for Sociology as their optional subject, our program offers specialised coaching to build a strong foundation in the subject. We provide comprehensive study materials for Paper I and Paper II, interactive classes, and personalised guidance in the subject to excel in the UPSC main examination.

UPSC Mains GS Paper Free Sample

The UPSC Mains GS Paper Free Sample is an integral part of all our UPSC preparation programs. This is a great opportunity for Taxilla students to offer a free sample of the GS paper course to practise their skills. It is a valuable resource for candidates who want to get a glimpse of our program before committing.

UPSC Mains General Studies Paper Q and A

Our program for the UPSC mains General Studies (GS) paper focuses on providing comprehensive coverage of all the GS subjects syllabus. We offer detailed study materials, interactive classes, and extensive question-and-answer sessions to help students develop a strong understanding of the subject matter.

Got UPSC preparation challenges? Taxilla has proven solutions to overcome them


We believe in complete transparency with our students. Our program provides clear and detailed information about your selected program. Taxilla is committed to covering the whole curriculum and offering study materials, assessments and progress tracking with advanced technologies. We maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that students are well-informed about their preferred program and provide honest feedback on their performance and areas for improvement.


Right mentorship is the primary challenge that UPSC aspirants struggle to get. Taxilla offers quality mentorship with proven guidance skills under their belt for UPSC examination preparation. Mentors provide personalised guidance, track progress, and offer valuable insights and strategies for attempting Prelims, Mains and interviews. They conduct mock interviews, provide feedback, and assist students in developing their overall personality.

Teacher Accessibility

We are accessible and easily approachable, which fosters a supportive learning environment. We prioritise student-teacher interactions during our doubt-clearing sessions to address individual concerns and provide personalised guidance.

Meeting syllabus completion Timeline

Time management is crucial for covering the whole syllabus for UPSC preparation. Our program includes a well-structured study plan that ensures timely completion of the UPSC syllabus. We provide a roadmap for each subject, breaking it down into small sections with defined timelines.

Rich content

We provide comprehensive and high-quality study materials that cover the entire UPSC syllabus. Our content is carefully curated, updated regularly, and rich with relevant examples, case studies and current affairs. Our study resource contents are designed to simplify complex concepts that ensure students grasp the core ideas of the subject matter.

Peer Learning

Online preparation may appear as a challenge to some who lack peer learning. Thus, our program also includes peer discussion forums, study groups and interactive sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among students. Aspirants can effectively discuss ideas, share perspectives and learn from each other’s experiences.

A unique teaching style that is a proven plan for success

As the saying goes, “It is those who fail to plan, plan to fail” Every UPSC aspirant should have a set plan for their study preparation to crack the highly competitive exam. It can only be obtained with a winning teaching style. At Taxilla, we prioritise conceptual clarity that gives candidates the utmost confidence. Our highly modern and efficient teaching style utilises various techniques to ensure effective learning.

  1. We provide visual illustrations for even the smallest concepts with coloured figures and interlinked flow charts. Our approach enhances comprehension and enables students to visualise and understand complex topics. Our visual aids have proven to be efficient in helping students achieve exceptional scores in the IAS Main examination.

  2. Taxilla believes in delivering explanations in a simple language where we utilise innovative analogies and relatable examples to simplify concepts and make them easily understandable. Our simplified explanation approach enables us to break down intricate ideas so they can absorb them quickly and not forget them easily.

  3. We foster a high level of interactivity during classroom discussions. Students actively participate, ask questions, and engage in debates. It is for encouraging their critical thinking and deep exploration of the subject matter.

  4. There is no dictation-style teaching approach in Taxilla, as we believe it’s outdated and detrimental to successful learning. So we prioritise explanation to allow students fully grasp the concepts rather than simply transcribing notes. All our study resources are revised and updated for every batch.

Join Taxilla to let us guide you towards success in the UPSC exam today!

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