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UPSC Political Science And International Relations

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This program is about UPSC Political Science And International Relations, it contains papers from 2011 to 2022. This is an early bird offer.

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UPSC Prelims, Mains & Political Science


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UPSC Political Science and International Relations

Taxilla is one of the renowned UPSC online coaching centres. We offer a comprehensive program for the UPSC Political Science and International Relations course. The syllabus of this program is designed by our expert faculties. We keep updated with the latest syllabus of UPSC and frame out the syllabus accordingly for the applicants. Our experts have great experience in designing the syllabus and curriculum according to the latest syllabus. We try to cover all the major and minor topics in our program.

We strive to offer the best coaching for UPSC aspirants. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of lecturers specialising in a variety of subjects related to the UPSC Political Science and International Relations program. We cover the complete syllabus of politics, economics, and international affairs. Taxilla aims to provide students with the skills and expertise they need to excel in civil service exams. Our live and affordable UPSC online program will offer you great knowledge and skills for this exam.

About Political Science and International Relations Program

Political Science and International Relations is one of the most popular UPSC electives on UPSC's main exams. Our program introduces the students to one of the most complex subjects. Our professors will make it easier for the applicants by focusing on the major sections.

The course is commonly referred to as PSIR. The subject covers a huge amount of study material. Our specialised study materials cover entire topics. The curriculum includes topics related to Indian Constitution, International Economic System and Trade, Freedom Struggle and Indian Politics, International Organizations, Indian Foreign Policy, Peacekeeping, etc. These subjects are also part of the Integrated Studies curriculum.

However, the aspirants need to have a strong interest in the subject before choosing it as an option. They must have a passion for the subject of political science and carefully consider UPSC's optional political science curriculum. Our professors will help aspiring candidates complete the syllabus on time.

We Lead the UPSC Aspirants Toward Success

Taxilla is now all set to become the leading provider of the best online UPSC coaching in the country. For the optional electives - UPSC Political Science and International Relations, we provide top-quality teaching aids at affordable prices. We focus on delivering quality coaching, ensuring students receive comprehensive learning materials. Our platform features an easy-to-use interface that allows students to conveniently navigate study materials. Moreover, the aspirants can flexibly join live classes and access recorded lectures.

 In this optional program, we follow an effective assessment approach and individualised support. Also, our experts strive to improve students' understanding of content related to the subject. We also regularise tests to track and monitor each student's performance.

Detailed Syllabus of UPSC Political Science and International Relations

The Political Science Optional paper is divided into two sections – Paper I and Paper II. As per the designed exam pattern, each paper is of 250 marks. The complete paper is descriptive, and students must learn writing skills. The topics covered in the optional Political Science and International Relations syllabus are extremely beneficial even after passing the exam. It will be helpful for the entire service period.

Political Science and International Relations Papers 

Paper 1

  1. Section A - Political Theory and Indian Politics

  2. Section B - Indian Government and Politics

Paper 2

  1. Section A - Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics

  2. Section B - India and the World

Significant Features UPSC Aspirants Will Access With Our Programs

Taxilla is one of the emerging UPSC online coaching in the country. We prioritise comprehensive preparation with a detailed syllabus. Moreover, we offer a great variety of resources to support student learning.

Our online coaching program includes video courses, interactive lectures, mock tests, previous year question papers, and Q&A sessions. It helps students to understand the key ideas. Also, it improves their problem-solving skills.

Our UPSC online coaching courses for optional subjects are structured with flexible study times. It allows the aspirants to learn at their own pace. Moreover, we offer well-structured study materials that cover the entire Political Science and International Relations syllabus. We ensure the students have up-to-date information about the exam and are well-prepared for the exam challenges.

Our study materials are updated regularly with current topics and details as per the UPSC pattern. With Taxilla Online Coaching, UPSC aspirants will benefit from our expertise. Moreover, they will get access to our supportive learning environment. We will make sure our efforts maximise their chances of cracking the UPSC exams. We strive to provide quality education to help aspirants reach their goals of becoming prominent civil servants. are extremely beneficial even after passing the exam. It will be helpful for the entire service period.

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